God @ Work in Haiti


Our plane successfully escaped Philadelphia before the full fury of the snowpocalypse began its assault on the Northeast. We safely arrived in Port-Au-Prince and are eager to explore more. Our big aim with this adventure is to connect with new friends at work in Haiti and learn more about God’s work in various regions.

Jourdan Martin, Bryan Gerlach, and I have embarked on this several-day journey. Last evening, we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner and highly engaging conversation with our oh-so-wise trip mentor and guide, Obed (HOPE International) and Rich, another Haiti-savvy individual.

Approximately two years ago, Manor Church leaders began to prayerfully sense that God was prompting us to engage in a new global partnership. Thus launched a passionate process of exploring, praying, and seeking what shape that might take. We are excited to embark on this next leg of the journey, learn more, and build new relationships with people developing their work and families in the regions we will visit.

Today, we will travel south to meet with HOPE International staff. We plan to visit one of the key initiatives, a savings group, and see a meeting’s work in action. Obed told us last night over dinner, “You can anticipate seeing and hearing meaningful stories of God at work.”

We will do our very best in coming days, based on connectivity, to share updates. We are grateful to God and our gracious hosts for the opportunity to see much more of what God is accomplishing through the tremendous work of people in Haiti.

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