Mission in an old Ford

MKP May June 2014 21 lr copy 2

I’m jazzed, psyched, thrilled, and otherwise quite ecstatic!!

Have I perhaps understated my emotion? Henry’s Glory is reviewed in the current issue of The Marketplace magazine. In case you wondered, it’s a pretty big deal for a rookie author like me to have his book reviewed by an actual magazine—so I’m deeply honored and I’m shouting great big praise to God!

Here are two excerpts from Wally Kroeker’s review, and his full comments can be viewed at http://www.meda.org/the-marketplace-magazine. Click on the mag cover and access page 21. And of course, feel free to share this with friends.

Kroeker says:

“We’re not used to hearing pastors stake out this territory; in fact, many pastors default to a concentration on the ‘gathered church’ rather than the ‘dispersed church’ of Monday-to-Friday. Pletcher’s book is a welcome addition to our shelf.”

“This is a lively theology in a lilting, down-to-earth key. It will strengthen your faith—and your work.”

Thanks for checking out the review, for helping spread the word about Henry—and for joining me in thanks to God for such a positive review!

Blessings, joy, and fruitfulness in all your work this week!



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